*Waiting List Now Currently Paused Until Puppies Arrive*

Thank you to everyone who has been so patiently waiting for the arrival of some puppies. There is nothing quite so unpredictable as the forces of nature! Finally I’m pleased to be announcing some confirmed pregnancies! One thing is for sure, It looks like I’m going to have a busy few months with the arrival of some new babies. Actually, I can’t wait! ;)

Cockapoo puppy update – Silk is looking rather portly and is due her puppies to Chico from 18th September. After the initial pairing Silk lived with Chico for a week or so, therefore the due date may be slightly later, depending on when she actually conceived. I expect Silk’s babies to be chocolate or black.  Silk is a full sister to Bella and Skye who have also had litters to Chico in the past. This combination really works and produces the most beautiful puppies. Silk’s puppies will be ready to leave late November.

Brooke is also looking rather pregnant and she has been bred with Woody. Puppies due on 8th October. Brooke is a relatively small Cocker and coming from Woody, I’d expect their puppies to be quite dinky. Her puppies will be Apricot and Fox red.  Brooke’s puppies will be ready to leave early December.

Cavapoo puppy update - Nessie and Bonnie are both looking particularly rounded too! Both pregnant to Woody. They are both due 1st/2nd October. Nessie’s puppies will be Black/Tan and Fox Red. Bonnie’s puppies will all be Fox Red.  All being well puppies will be ready to leave early December.

My waiting list for all litters is now OPEN. I will only take five provisional reservations per litter, which gives priority of a puppy when they are born. Any subsequent puppies will have their availability announced on the website and they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If you would like to pay a deposit to go on my waiting list, please contact me. Please email me directly on Paulf958@aol.com and title your email – Puppy Waiting List. If you would like any more specific information on any of the litters that I have due, please feel free to get in contact :)

Disney Puppies

Disney with her newborn babies
Disney with her newborn babies

27.07.16 – Disney has had a beautiful Cavapoo litter by Woody. 2 boys and 2 girls in stunning robes of dark apricot. Mum and babies doing extremely well. All of these puppies have homes waiting. :)


Merlot -Blue Merle Poodle

I am totally delighted to introduce ‘Merlot’ our new merle Poodle! After years of waiting for the right puppy, hopefully he will feature in our breeding programme in the future. I have been looking to import an American merle Poodle for at least three of four years but the practicalities of doing so, coupled with the fact I always had my reservations about importing a dog that I’d never actually seen! Just when I thought all roads were leading no where, I was fortunate to stumble across a breeder in the UK (the first person to import a merle Poodle into the country) who agreed to work with me and sell me a quality merle puppy. Huge thanks to this person! ;)

Blue Merle Cockapoo
Blue Merle Cockapoo

Merlot is a combination of some unique and utterly amazing lines! His mother is mostly American breeding and his father is actually from the same kennel that bred my own Toy Poodle stud, Woody. Having a merle which is half of a bloodline that I already know and trust is more than amazing!

As far as I am aware, Merlot is the first blue merle Poodle in Scotland. He’s also one of very few in the whole of the UK.  He is also PRA Clear and comes from generations of health tested stock.

Blue Merle Cavapoo
Blue Merle Cavapoo

Merlot is also quite unique in the sense that his father is a Toy Poodle and his mother is a Miniature. In theory, he should be slightly larger than a Toy but not as large as a Mini, which means he will hopefully be ideal to breed with both my Cavalier King Charles & Cocker Spaniel girls in order to produce some truly stunning merle F1 Cockapoos & Cavapoos.

For now we will watch him grow and all being well, this time next year we will have some F1 Cockapoos and Cavapoos in merle! :)

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

Cherry pups

We have been busy with our Springs litters and our Summer puppies are also well underway. Firstly, I’d like to apologise to those of you who have been unsuccessful in getting a puppy this time. Unfortunately dog breeding isn’t an exact science and despite my best efforts, sometimes things don’t quite go to plan!

I have had a couple of Cavalier girls fail to conceive this year in addition to others having unusually small litters. Generally, I keep my boys and girl totally separate and the boys are only put with the girls when they are ready for mating, so that I can supervise things, and of course prevent any unplanned pregnancies. I have decided to change things up a little and now the Cavalier girls that I plan to breed this year are actually living with Woody full time, so that I don’t miss their heat cycle and optimum time for mating. As you can imagine, Woody is in his element with his little harem!

Both Anna & Disney have already been mated to Woody, this will be a first litter for both girls so fingers(and toes!) crossed for some Cavapoo babies late July. At this time the waiting list for these puppies is paused. Those people on the waiting list who have been unsuccessful will have priority. Depending on numbers, there may be some limited availability, it would be worthwhile checking the website regularly for updates. I also have a another couple of girls due in season over the next few weeks who will also hopefully be mated. Watch this space!

On a more positive note, I’ve had some amazing Cockapoo puppies over the past few months. The puppies have been delightful and unlike my Cavaliers, my Cocker girls have had relatively large litters.  Congratulations to all the families who have taken puppies, I wish you all the very best with them and look forward to lots of photos in the future. It will be October time before I have F1 Cockapoo puppies ready to go home. I have puppies planned and will hopefully confirm pregnancies mid/late July which is when the waiting list will reopen. I expect mainly chocolate puppies with the possibility of black and cream too.

Always remember that getting a quality puppy is well forth waiting for. You will most likely always have to wait for a puppy from a reputable breeder. Even if this means waiting a few months longer than you anticipate, for something which is hopefully is going to be part of your family for over a decade, this really is a small price to pay and it will certainly be well worth it! :)

Fergie owned by Hollie & Calum

fergieWe got our Apricot Cockapoo Fergie from Paul in April 2015.

Paul is a kind, helpful and trustworthy breeder. Fergie is a super dog with an excellent temperament, very loyal and loving, and great with all kids, adults and other dogs.

We will certainly use Glendream again when we are ready for another Cockapoo addition in our family.