Doug owned by Karen and family in the North of Scotland

glendream dougAfter much research we decided that a Cockapoo was the right breed for our family, which was partly due to the low-shedding aspect of a Cockapoo, as we have a son with allergies this was important and we are happy to say he has had absolutely no problems with Doug.

After more research we came across the Glendream website and we liked what we saw, the website was informative and answered many of the questions we had regarding both the breed and the breeding.

We made initial contact with Paul and he has been very helpful from day 1.  From the reservation process onwards Paul was a wealth of information and advice and was very accommodating with the additional requests we made!!

We went down to visit the puppies and knew Doug was the pup for us, thankfully Paul agreed!! A few weeks later we returned to take Doug home.

We have kept in touch with Paul, not only to up-date him on Doug’s progress but to ask him many questions.  As new dog owners there are times we just need abit of advice and Paul is always at the end of a phone or e-mail to give us the info we require.

Doug has turned out to be exactly what we hoped for and we always mention Glendream when people stop us on the street/beach to admire him.  I put much of this down to a good breeder who genuinely cares for the dogs he breeds.

I look forward to dealing with Paul again in the future; after all, every Doug deserves a wee pal!

Alfie owned by Lisa and Paul in Glasgow

AlfieHi Paul

Just wanted to send a few pics of puppy Alfie. He’s such a character! He loves playing hide and seek and his favourite stuffed tou lion! He’s an angel in work and has a bed under my desk where he has afternoon snoozer and plays with his toys. All the ladies in work love him and he works his way around the office getting pats and cuddles from them all! He is toilet trained already such a clever wee man, tells you when he needs out, He can sit, beg, give a paw and lie down- I think he’s a doggy genius! Lol!

Thank you for such a special wee chap he’s just the perfect pup! We just love him to bits! We’ll keep in touch and let you know how he is.

Poppy owned by the Gourlay family

Poppy_beforeHaving taken a long time to make the decision to get a dog and then what breed, we finally decided on a cockapoo. The search then started to find a breeder, hopefully someone local. I came across Glendream during this search and made contact with Paul, initially by email, making enquiries and giving our preferred requirements.

Over the next few weeks, several emails/phone calls later, a wee pup became available. After 9 weeks and several visits later, we collected Poppy and our adventure began. She has been a wee star, full of character and has ended up very much as Paul had described. Her coat is beautifully soft, fleecy and non shedding and her colour much admired. Nature wise,she loves people, brilliant with children, if sometimes overly friendly, though due to looking like a teddy bear, she gets away with it!

Now at 7 months, she’s still a bundle of fun and good nature, if a little head strong at times. However, Paul has always been on hand to help with any questions we have had, as daft as some of them have been. He is always very interested to hear how his pup is getting on and has always appeared to care about their welfare. I’m sure if we were ever looking for a pal for Poppy, Glendream would be our first port of call.

Stephen Gourlay and family.

Mylo owned by Nikki & family

myloWhilst looking for a cockerpoo to join our family we were immediately impressed by Paul. His knowledge of the breed was second to none and i liked the fact that he clearly wanted to make sure we were suitable ‘parents’. When we came to collect Mylo I was quite taken aback by his organisation – to be presented with a lead and collar as well as food and a leaflet giving some general advice is really helpful.

Murphy owned by Fiona & Mike

Hi Paul,

murphyJust wanted to give you an update on our wee Murphy ( Spider and Louis). He is doing great! We are completely in love with him. He is very smart – already learning to sit, lie down, stay, leave it etc. He is a bundle of energy for the most part but has definitely calmed down in the last week since we’ve been able to take him out for walks. We have been taking him to puppy socialisation classes where he happily communicates with all the other pups. Thank you for our gorgeous happy puppy, we are positive he will grow to be a very happy, well mannered dog!

We will keep you updated. Please feel free to use any of this for your website.


Fiona Jeffries, Mike and Murphy

Murdo owned by Heather & family

Hi Paul,

Murdo1I just wanted to let you know how Murdo is doing – and also send you a photo of him with his first haircut!  It’s quite short but his adult coat is coming in and he was getting constant mats (despite daily combing) so I thought it best to get it cut short for the time being at least.  Although he’s a bit of an angel, he was getting very fed up with 1 hour grooming sessions every day – and so were we if I’m honest!  Once he’s shed his puppy coat though, I’ll probably let it go longer again (because it does look gorgeous).

Murdo is so much a part of the family now, we can’t remember a time when he wasn’t here.  He loves the kids, has made some doggie pals out on our regular walks and loves nothing better than curling up on the sofa with my husband. He’s got such a great personality – really playful, outgoing and friendly but also placid and chilled out in equal measure – a good balance.

I’m always stopped on dog walks and asked about him – where I got him, what breed he is and so on.  The dog groomer today said he was a fantastic wee character – and he won mega points for letting her pluck his ears (ouch!) and trim between his toes without flinching.  We’ve been grooming him since we got him so perhaps he’s used to it but I think it’s got more to do with his fabulous nature.  Thank you for breeding such a lovely wee soul.

We were just saying that we’ve been so lucky to get such a great dog and I’m sure that’s in no small way down to a good breeder who knows what he’s doing so I’m delighted that we found Glendream! I see from your website that you’re now in Angus.  Obviously, it’s further away from us but there’s no doubt that if and when we decide to get a wee friend for Murdo, we’d make the trip! We also had him neutered recently.  All was fine and the vet and vet nurse both commented on what a great wee dog he is. Look forward to keeping in touch with more Murdo news in the future.