Doug owned by Karen and family in the North of Scotland

glendream dougAfter much research we decided that a Cockapoo was the right breed for our family, which was partly due to the low-shedding aspect of a Cockapoo, as we have a son with allergies this was important and we are happy to say he has had absolutely no problems with Doug.

After more research we came across the Glendream website and we liked what we saw, the website was informative and answered many of the questions we had regarding both the breed and the breeding.

We made initial contact with Paul and he has been very helpful from day 1.  From the reservation process onwards Paul was a wealth of information and advice and was very accommodating with the additional requests we made!!

We went down to visit the puppies and knew Doug was the pup for us, thankfully Paul agreed!! A few weeks later we returned to take Doug home.

We have kept in touch with Paul, not only to up-date him on Doug’s progress but to ask him many questions.  As new dog owners there are times we just need abit of advice and Paul is always at the end of a phone or e-mail to give us the info we require.

Doug has turned out to be exactly what we hoped for and we always mention Glendream when people stop us on the street/beach to admire him.  I put much of this down to a good breeder who genuinely cares for the dogs he breeds.

I look forward to dealing with Paul again in the future; after all, every Doug deserves a wee pal!