Poppy owned by the Gourlay family

Poppy_beforeHaving taken a long time to make the decision to get a dog and then what breed, we finally decided on a cockapoo. The search then started to find a breeder, hopefully someone local. I came across Glendream during this search and made contact with Paul, initially by email, making enquiries and giving our preferred requirements.

Over the next few weeks, several emails/phone calls later, a wee pup became available. After 9 weeks and several visits later, we collected Poppy and our adventure began. She has been a wee star, full of character and has ended up very much as Paul had described. Her coat is beautifully soft, fleecy and non shedding and her colour much admired. Nature wise,she loves people, brilliant with children, if sometimes overly friendly, though due to looking like a teddy bear, she gets away with it!

Now at 7 months, she’s still a bundle of fun and good nature, if a little head strong at times. However, Paul has always been on hand to help with any questions we have had, as daft as some of them have been. He is always very interested to hear how his pup is getting on and has always appeared to care about their welfare. I’m sure if we were ever looking for a pal for Poppy, Glendream would be our first port of call.

Stephen Gourlay and family.