*Waiting List Now Currently Paused Until Puppies Arrive*

Thank you to everyone who has been so patiently waiting for the arrival of some puppies. There is nothing quite so unpredictable as the forces of nature! Finally I’m pleased to be announcing some confirmed pregnancies! One thing is for sure, It looks like I’m going to have a busy few months with the arrival of some new babies. Actually, I can’t wait! ;)

Cockapoo puppy update – Silk is looking rather portly and is due her puppies to Chico from 18th September. After the initial pairing Silk lived with Chico for a week or so, therefore the due date may be slightly later, depending on when she actually conceived. I expect Silk’s babies to be chocolate or black.  Silk is a full sister to Bella and Skye who have also had litters to Chico in the past. This combination really works and produces the most beautiful puppies. Silk’s puppies will be ready to leave late November.

Brooke is also looking rather pregnant and she has been bred with Woody. Puppies due on 8th October. Brooke is a relatively small Cocker and coming from Woody, I’d expect their puppies to be quite dinky. Her puppies will be Apricot and Fox red.  Brooke’s puppies will be ready to leave early December.

Cavapoo puppy update - Nessie and Bonnie are both looking particularly rounded too! Both pregnant to Woody. They are both due 1st/2nd October. Nessie’s puppies will be Black/Tan and Fox Red. Bonnie’s puppies will all be Fox Red.  All being well puppies will be ready to leave early December.

My waiting list for all litters is now OPEN. I will only take five provisional reservations per litter, which gives priority of a puppy when they are born. Any subsequent puppies will have their availability announced on the website and they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If you would like to pay a deposit to go on my waiting list, please contact me. Please email me directly on Paulf958@aol.com and title your email – Puppy Waiting List. If you would like any more specific information on any of the litters that I have due, please feel free to get in contact :)