Cockapoo babies have arrived! 12/08/19

Finally catching up,

I am super excited to announce that we have some beautiful Cockapoo babies in the nest! I actually have three super exciting newborn litters and I will be announcing them over the next couple of days on the ‘Puppies Available’ page of the website. As usual, I’m super behind with emails(sorry) but I just never seem to have a minute at the moment. Caring for the newborns and the mums, plus all the adults dogs, is somewhat time consuming to say the least! There are some beautiful babies in these litters and they will be ready to go to their new homes throughout September. I also have other exciting litters planed which should mean Cockapoo babies also ready to go home in October, November and December – Where has 2019 actually gone? If you are ready to welcome an F1 Cockapoo puppy into your family, please keep your eyes peeled on the website over the next couple of days(I PROMISE I will update it) and feel free to contact me if you’d like to reserve one of the puppies, pay a deposit and make an appointment to come and visit them when they are around six weeks. Because I have three litters all around the same age, I may need to do some viewings slightly earlier, just so I can actually fit in the time to meet with people.

If you are interested in a Cavapoo puppy, I also have a couple of girls who have been bred to our young red boy, Mr Fox. Hopefully they will be pregnant and we will have some beautiful deep red Cavapoo babies over the next few weeks. I will update the website as soon as they arrive!

Thanks again for your patience :)