Our Dogs

On this page you can get some information about what we do here, exactly what we breed, and meet some of our own beautiful dogs! We breed three different types of Poodle hybrid, Cockapoos, Cavapoos and Sproodles. You will get information on this page about each of these breeds and hopefully this will help you decide on which breed is most suited to you.


We specialise in breeding F1 Cockapoos which come from our Miniature & Toy Poodle stud dogs, bred with our Kennel Club Registered Cocker Spaniel girls.

Cockapoos in general have a loving and gentle disposition combined with a fearless curiosity and a wonderful zest for life. They are intelligent, quick to learn and have a very biddable natures. Cockapoos which come from a Working Cocker Spaniel tend to be less active than their pure bred Cocker parent, mainly due to the infusion of Poodle genetics. They also have a strong desire to please as well as high intelligence. Combined with the genetics from both breeds, these qualities make for the most fantastic little dogs!

Our Cockapoos are a medium size, they are active, biddable, fun loving and in general make for the most amazing family pets. We find the Miniature or Toy Poodle cross Working Cocker hybrid to be extremely consistent and the perfect combination of both breeds. The puppies we produce are known for their exceptional temperaments and superb, fleece, teddy bear coats. Most of our Cockapoos are non-shedding and we breed a variety of colours.


red cavapoo

Our Cavapoos are a first generation hybrid which come from a Toy or Miniature Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

When producing our smallest Cavapoos, we generally use our Toy Poodle stud dogs ‘Woody’ & ‘Ted’  as our Cavapoo sires. They are the perfect size for our smaller Cavalier girls and their puppies are amazing! We also use our Merle boy ‘Merlot’ in order to produce Cavapoos in stunning robes of blue and red merle. You can find out more about our stud dogs further down on this page.

All of our Cavalier girls are Kennel Club registered, from some of the best bloodlines available. They are extremely healthy and heart tested annually. Most of our girls are Blenheim or Ruby in colour, therefore our Cavapoo puppies are mainly Fox red and varying shades of Apricot. Occasionally we have Merles & Black & Tan’s which are also particularly stunning.

Cavapoos mature to be similar to Cockapoos, but they are slightly smaller and less active. They are ideal for families who love the ‘teddy bear’ look but who require a slightly lower energy and less active family member. Cavapoos are loving and affectionate making them great with children. They are quite lap doggy, they love to be cuddled but also enjoy playing with toys and going for walks.



Sproodles are a cross between a Poodle and a Springer Spaniel. Here at glendream our Sproodles come from a Miniature Poodle sire and Springer Spaniel dam. Sproodles are slightly larger than Cockapoos, maturing to around 18 inches to the shoulder. Temperament wise, they are very similar and actually, they look virtually identical, give or take an inch or two.

Their coat types are identical to that of our Cockapoos and Cavapoos, they are low to non-shed and can be suitable for people with allergies, depending of course on what it is they are actually allergic to.

Sproodles have the most amazing temperaments, they are highly trainable and very keen to please. They are the most active of our breeds and are therefore suited to families who are looking for a dog who required a moderate amount of exercise and who will be involved in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

We don’t keep many Springer girls, generally only two or three, therefore our Sproodle puppies are not as readily available as our Cockapoos and Cavapoos. Our Springers are very well bred, Kennel Club registered and have superb temperaments. If you feel a Sproodle is for you, it’s always worth registering an early interest.  We mainly breed Chocolate Sproodles but also black, black and white parti, chocolate & white parti, chocolate merle and blue merle.

Further Information …

If you are looking for a loving, loyal and healthy family member, I believe Cockapoos, Cavapoos & Sproodles to be some of the best companion dogs you could ever own! Although most are absolutely stunning, they are not bred for the show ring. They are bred to be by your side, whether you’re going on a car journey, out for a long walk or simply lounging around on the sofa, they’ll be there! Their only purpose is to be your best friend!

Temperament, health and good structure are of the utmost importance to us and all of our adult dogs are health checked before breeding. All of our dogs have outstanding temperaments and are great with young children. Our adult dogs are at the centre of everything we do here at Glendream. We believe that happy, healthy dogs will produce happy, healthy puppies!

Stud Dogs

You can meet our stud dogs below. You will see that our Poodles are not your typical ‘pom pom’ Poodles with fine bone and candy floss coats. They are more of an ‘off road’ type who posses slightly heavier bone and have tightly curled coats- ideal for producing Cockapoo and Cavapoo babies!

All of our stud dogs are DNA tested clear of prcd-PRA eye disease. As none of them carry the defective gene, we can guarantee that none of their puppies can ever be affected by this condition.


ChicoCall Name: ‘Chico’

Health Testing: PRA DNA Clear/Normal & VWD DNA Clear/Normal  Luxating Patella Manual Exam-Excellent

Chico is our Café Au Lait Miniature Poodle stud dog and sire to many of our Cockapoo & Sproodle puppies.

Chico isn’t your typical pampered Poodle, he is a modern, off-road type of Poodle with great bone and substance. He is compact and very well put together, which is just ideal for producing Cockapoo puppies.

Chico has the most fantastic temperament, he is extremely laid back, quiet and biddable. To live with, Chico is a very chilled out and affectionate little dog, nothing fazes him and he absolutely loves to play. He keeps everyone entertained with his antics and is always up to mischief. Chico has produced some absolutely fantastic puppies for us. His puppies seem to inherit his calm disposition and cheeky character.

Louie is now semi-retired from stud duties and now lives with my Aunt & Uncle. I may still use him occasionally but he is mostly enjoying his senior years being curled up on the sofa! 

Louie Call Name: ‘Louie’

Health Testing: PRA DNA Clear/Normal & VWD DNA Clear/Normal  Luxating Patella Manual Exam-Excellent 

Louie is a personality plus with a very kind and loving nature. He is a small and compact little lad standing at 13″ to the shoulder. He is a real live wire and super outgoing. He has a great sense of humour that is endearing to friends and strangers alike.

Louie is ball obsessed and always has his ball in his mouth, a trait which may of his puppies also seem to inherit! I have been extremely pleased with Louie’s puppies, he has proven to be a very consistent producer and his puppies always seem to have his great outgoing character, excellent construction and superb coat quality. 

Woody1Call Name: ‘Woody’

Health Testing: PRA DNA Clear/Normal

Luxating Patella Manual Exam-Excellent

Woody is our awesome Fox Red Toy Poodle stud dog. He’s the leader of the pack here at Glendream. He is tiny and stands at just under 9 inches to the shoulder. For such a small dog, he just oozes personality. What he lacks in size he most certaily makes up for in character.

I purchased him mainly to breed to our Cavalier girls in order produce super Cavapoo puppies. He is also used on some of my smaller Cocker girls in order to give us some real dinky Cockapoos too. His puppies are just amazing!

I literally searched the length and breadth of the UK in order to find a Toy Poodle pup with lines good enough to introduce into my breeding programme. I have to say, I’ve certainly not been disappointed in Woody!

He arrived at a couple of months old, bold as brass and full of his own importance, and not much has changed since. woody 3Woody is from a combination of the best bloodlines, he has a super coat quality and is the most amazing rich red colour. What you can’t really appreciate with website photos is how tiny he is. Here is a photo of him sitting next to Bubbles, my Cockapoo, which gives you an indication of how pint-sized he really is!

I know breeders shouldn’t really play favourites, and I never really had a favourite dog until I got Woody, then he broke that rule! He’s full of his own self importance, has the mostly loyal and loving personality, and to top that, his puppies are ultra amazing! How could you not love him?

merlotCall Name: Merlot 

Health Testing: PRA DNA Clear/Normal

Luxating Patella Manual Exam-Excellent

Our long awaited Blue Merle Poodle, Merlot! I have waited years for a merle Poodle and Merlot was certainly worth that wait.

Merle is a very rare colour within the Poodle breed and the pattern itself stems from American Imported Poodles lines. Merlot’s grandfather was the first blue merle Miniature Poodle to be Imported to the UK from the states, he comes from some of the best worldwide breeding and I am very grateful to his breeder Rebecca for entrusting him to me.


Despite the fact he’s still very young, I’ve become very fond of Merlot. It feels like he’s been with me for years, he has a soulful expression and the most intense gaze. He looks right through you, to the point that I’m convinced he knows what I’m thinking quite often before I know myself.  He’s such a steady and sensible dog who’s completely in tune with your mood. He’s the life and soul of the party but also knows when to play things down.

He is now a proven sire and has produced both Cockapoo & Cavapoo puppies in the most amazing colours. His puppies are spectacular and he has produced red, apricot, blue merle, chocolate merle, black & white parti and apricot & white parti, which basically means that he carries every possible colour! I’m looking forward to watching his first puppies mature.

merlot 2