Planned Litters

If we have any Cockapoo puppies available from our planned litters, which should hopefully mean puppies ready to go home around June/July, any availability will be announced on the website. Puppies will then be allocated on a first come, first served, basis. Please keep an eye on the website, sometimes plans do chance which can result in unexpected availability.

The waiting list for one of our Cavapoo puppies in currently 6-8 months. It is expected the waiting list will reopen in the Autumn. Please keep an eye on the website for further details nearer the time.

How Our Waiting List Works 

If for any reason I am unable to provide you with a puppy from the litter you are interested in, for whatever reason, your deposit will be carried over to the next litter. Unfortunately dog breeding isn’t an exact science and although I will try my best to provide you with a puppy, you must be prepared to wait for the right puppy.

By paying the reservation deposit, you will have priority of a puppy before any availability is announced on my website. Quite often most litters are reserved in full before they are actually born.

I view a deposit as a sign of commitment to purchasing one of my puppies. I base the number of breedings I plan each year on the amount of interest I have in my puppies, so that supply never exceeds demand. I also want to know that my puppies have forever homes waiting, which is extremely important to me as a responsible breeder.

Please be aware that paying the deposit ensures only a provisional reservation. Obviously I wouldn’t expect anyone to commit in full, to purchasing a puppy, without seeing the litter and meeting the parents. Just as I would not commit fully to providing you with a puppy, until we have met in person and I have fully assessed your suitability.

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy or would like any further information, please do feel free to get in contact with me –