Puppies Available

We have both F1 Cockapoo & Cavapoo puppies which will be announced over the next week or two. Please keep checking back on this page for availability. We also have a couple of beautiful F1b Miniature Cockapoo puppies available from Merlot and Orla’s litter. Again details of the litter and availability will be added over the next week or so.

Please Note -

Please do not be offended if you email me and I don’t reply. It is physically impossible for me to reply to every single puppy enquiry. I can only apologise for this but my time is generally spent caring for my dogs and time at the computer is limited. Between looking after the dogs, puppies and doing the day to day things that we all do, I genuinley don’t have enough hours in the day. If you are interested in a puppy, please keep checking the website for availability. Thank you, Paul